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Villa Lucia Bathroom Stories Continue – Farm Jacuzzis

Jorge may love his  bidet but I love, when time allows, to enjoy an occasional tub soak which he doesn’t understand. “You need a  Jacuzzi tub.” An Italian massage therapist visiting us said when hearing about my back pain. “I’ll set up a portable unit that I have that works wonders in a regular tub.”… Read more »

Villa Lucia Bathroom Stories Continue – Using Depends

In spite of all the progress still there are times when bathrooms are difficult to find. When a group of girlfriends as houseguests complained one evening, I surprised them at breakfast by replacing the usual cloth napkin with their own “depends” to be used. This initiated a chorus of laughter but they all reassured me… Read more »

Bathroom Adventures Continue – Flushing Problems

In the year 2000, our bathrooms became modernized. Tissues are of better quality – if someone doesn’t steal it – and the bathroom lights are usually not on a timer anymore. Most modern facilities now have automatic flushers (even though at times they might scare you off the seat like a high power Hoover vacuum… Read more »

More Bathroom stories: Using a Bidet

When traveling to Italy to work on our abandoned farmhouse in the 80’s, my neighbor Nina, upon my arrival and our customary cup of coffee together, would always ask: “So you’re here again, to add another bathroom. What do you Americans do in there?” My objective in the first 12  journeys across the sea was… Read more »

Seventy Years of Bathroom Experiences in Italy

After a year of blogging fun memories in Villa Lucia’s kitchen in Tuscany, I decided that in 2015 I will share bi-monthly some of my personal experiences in the bathrooms of Italy. This will be followed by bringing our readers into the bedrooms of Villa Lucia to share experiences of our guests without using names…. Read more »

Successful Truffle Hunt

Before starting our new season after a 5 month absence from Tuscany due to a family situation in California, I wish to note a wonderful group of fun attendees that ended our 2014 cooking week season. For many the highlight was the day of our most successful truffle hunt, 500 grams of white truffle. Leaving… Read more »

Thongs for Comfort

As I walked away from the dinner table one evening, my daughter joined me in the kitchen and pointed out that my beautiful designer suit with white pants showed my panty line. “Mom, with those pants you have to use thongs,” she said. I explained that I had tried them before, to no avail, and… Read more »

The Villa

The Villa has 6 beautiful bedrooms, 3 queen + 2 king, with private bathrooms and 1 dual twin bedroom with bathroom to share in hallway. The Villa rental has full access of all amenities exept owners and staffs quarters. The Villa has a charming Tuscan kitchen with a vintage table to seat 8, complete with a… Read more »

Meet Lucia

As a first-generation Italian, born in Connecticut and raised in a European household where old traditional values and customs prevailed, making fresh pasta was a daily activity. With an extended family of relatives from Italy, traditional food habits prevailed in our household. Fruits and vegetables grown in the family garden were canned every summer, and… Read more »

Men in the Kitchen

Time to give some attention to the men in the kitchen after devoting so much time to children and lady friends. There may be other ways for them to relax but seeing immediate results from one’s labor especially while working with others can be very rewarding, relaxing, productive and fun.