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Tuscan Dogs

I was fixing breakfast one morning when little Joey, a house guests, came crying to me that our dog did not like him. It was hard to believe. I told him I would go out and see once I finished beating eggs for a morning frittata. Before I finished Joey went out and began to… Read more »

Mom, it is not an Eel!

On Christmas eve an Italian tradition is to eat fish. In fact, the norm is 7 different kinds, of which one was always eel. As a child I enjoyed them all, even though not experiencing them in their live state. One experience carved into my memory at the age of 8, is when mom cleaned… Read more »

Learn to say “Help” in Other Languages

With the breakfast dishes piled high, beds not touched and some 20 guests about to leave to go sightseeing, I questioned our farm worker who stepped into the kitchen for a coffee, as to the whereabouts of our cleaning lady. I noticed the banana on the mantle that she would bring everyday for her morning… Read more »

It’s Always Fun in the Kitchen at Villa Lucia

Never did I realize when seeing a guest shortly after arriving from France, scrub down our kitchen table, that he had plans to cut up and serve 5 kilos of fresh raw tuna which he brought to serve “sulla tavola” His preparation fantastic that I doubt I could ever duplicate. Crazy but fun Jean Claude… Read more »


As featured in Orange Coast Magazine June 2004 edition Recipes include Lemon cello and Villa Lucia’s Torrone Lemon cello: traditionally served after a meal or before bed time. *Important note: the lemons must be untreated, meaning they do not have wax or any other substances on them. Ingredients: 10-12 lemons 1 bottle of pure alcohol… Read more »

Lost in Translation

Finishing planting the tomatoes, looking at my glove-less, stained and dirt-filled cuticles; I began to wonder if I was right in leaving city life in California for farming? At dinner that night, Claudia, my French girlfriend, reading my mind suggested with her little French accent to “fa un appuntamento per una man-i-cure” “Make an appointment… Read more »

Jorge’s Second Week on the Farm: Part 1

Enjoying beautiful Mediterranean weather, delicious fresh organic foods from our garden, laughing and having fun with our guests, did not do anything to change his mind about Italy. When Papa Antonio, our farm neighbor who has more animals then Noah’s Ark, called to ask if we might be interested in buying half of a cow,… Read more »

Itchy Boobs

Serving dinner to some 20 guests during Jorge’s first week at the farm, I was amused more than concerned as he continued to follow me into the kitchen while serving to complain about his itchy nipples. “What are you talking about? “ I questioned him, disturbed that he should be so concerned for a minor… Read more »