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Basket Weavers- Artisan of the Month

Basket weavers,  the  artisan of the month, came to my mind when in need of a particular basket to carry 2 liter size  bottles.   When I began to fix our abandoned 500 year old house in Tuscany years ago  I questioned  my neighbor  where was the  best place to buy baskets.   I was surprised when… Read more »

Coffee bean roasting – Artisan of the month

In the early nineties, when I met the Slittis (see blog on chocolate making) I like most of the locals knew and appreciated the wonderful skills of Andrea’s father, Luciano Slitti, as a prominent coffee bean roaster and maker of custom coffee blends. Few knew that behind the scenes in the eighties, Luciano’s oldest son… Read more »

Prosciutto making – Artisan of the month

Our cooking class attendees had the occasion to visit both Parma and Modena in the gastronomically renown area of Italy,  Emilia Romagna.  It gave them the opportunity to view the production of the popular dry-cured ham known around the world as prosciutto as  it was done centuries ago. At 9 to 10 months of age,… Read more »

Artisans of the month, the makers of “Parmigiano Reggiano”

The artisans of this month are the makers of Parmigiano Reggiano, which  I consider the king of all cheeses. Our class attendees visiting Emilia Romagna’s world famous caseificios this week, where the production of these 80 pound wheels takes place, were amazed at the labor involved, time, dedication and passion that the artisans have for… Read more »

Umberto, Re (king) del Cappuccino

Umberto, named and honored as the King of Cappuccino started his training at age 14 and at age 84 continues to make his special coffees at his bar as he has done for the last 70 years, He is another one of my favorite artisans. Greeting the crowds that come daily for that special espresso… Read more »

Making the Tradizionale Balsamico di Modena

My love for the Italian artisans led me to my monthly blog being that many of them will soon be artisans of yesterday. When visiting them I am always sad to hear that youth may learn technique, but lack the passion of yesterday’s artisans. Alessandro Taccini, like his brothers, began making ceramics at age 12…. Read more »