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Massage and pay back, now we are even

Rubbing my back one evening after dinner, I was encouraged to have a massage by one of our dinner guests, the director of the Grotta Giusti Spa (5 minutes from us) who lived on the premise for  5 years,  in our barn apartment. Referring me to the best of all, he suggested Daniele, an amazing… Read more »

Passeggiata – Stroll after an Italian lunch

A family of 6 from Newport Beach, California, asked upon their arrival to our home in Tuscany, where they could go, close by. They already had their Sunday lunch and were tired of being in their car. I suggested that Montecatini Terme, the spa town down the hill from us is not only famous for its… Read more »

Plastic Surgeon or Veterinary, What Difference Does It Make?

Late one evening Franco came over shortly after Jorge had arrived in Tuscany asking for medical assistance with his bimbo. Bimbo in Italian refers to a young child. Franco kept pleading for assistance with “Dottore, Dottore mio Bimbo,” and being that I had spoken so highly of him, Jorge naturally went to his assistance. Four… Read more »

B & B Defined

Pheasant hunting is much easier than hunting Cinghiali ( wild boar), which is Francesco’s favorite past time.. When the season opens, one would find Francesco on week-ends fighting traffic to join his team of hunters. One must have a hunting rifle license, permit to hunt the particular animal, and be accepted by a team. There… Read more »

American Plastic Surgeon in Tuscany

When my two friends came, off-season, to have face and nose surgery, they stayed in our popular chicken coop away from the main house to recuperate. One day as I was working, looking out of my office window in the front of the house, I observed a car that had pulled up with 4 passengers…. Read more »

Jorge’s Second Week on the Farm: Part 2

As Papa Antonio’s car screeched out of our driveway, I wished I could have left with him, Turning to Jorge, his face, red with anger, looked at me and asked “What are you going to do?” I reminded him that he agreed to half a cow as well, and besides, he is the doctor. “It… Read more »