Monthly Archives: May 2014

Artisans of the month, the makers of “Parmigiano Reggiano”

The artisans of this month are the makers of Parmigiano Reggiano, which  I consider the king of all cheeses. Our class attendees visiting Emilia Romagna’s world famous caseificios this week, where the production of these 80 pound wheels takes place, were amazed at the labor involved, time, dedication and passion that the artisans have for… Read more »

20 years ago – Pornography at the B&B

Some twenty years ago it was difficult to get American channels on our Italian TV. Success  arrived with our satellite dish that gave us a channel for CNN and or to see a video, one or the other. This arrangement worked out well. One evening when our American guests retired for the evening, our Italian… Read more »

Second Half of my Italian American Table 1950 – “Tribute to all Mothers of the world”

Life was not easy for the immigrants. They left family and loved ones to settle in a strange country with a different culture, language and a society that often rejected them. Worse of all were the war years. Mom found herself in an apartment, alone, with three baby girls as Dad went off to work,… Read more »

Umberto, Re (king) del Cappuccino

Umberto, named and honored as the King of Cappuccino started his training at age 14 and at age 84 continues to make his special coffees at his bar as he has done for the last 70 years, He is another one of my favorite artisans. Greeting the crowds that come daily for that special espresso… Read more »