Some twenty years ago it was difficult to get American channels on our Italian TV. Success  arrived with our satellite dish that gave us a channel for CNN and or to see a video, one or the other.

This arrangement worked out well. One evening when our American guests retired for the evening, our Italian friends showed us a home video of a party they had organized.   The Americans viewed the video in their room  and recognized our Italian friends thinking they were celebrities, not understanding the language or aware of the fact it was a home video.  That was not a problem.

Our system did create a problem when a beautiful young couple on their honeymoon decided to show their own private love making video in their room TV, unaware of the fact that all 10 rooms that evening  would be enjoying their love making in their rooms instead of the news on CNN.  Fortunately for the romantic couple down for breakfast at an early hour, one guest was able to suggest that they not show their personal video before the household of guests arrived for breakfast. The embarrassed couple shortened their stay and left  immediately without finishing their coffee. After that incident we modernized our system so that all rooms were independent of each and could view more than one channel.