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Corsis di Cucina

Madonna dell’Oliva is extra-virgin artisanal olive oil from the five-hundred-year-old Villa Lucia, a private, organic property in Montevettolini, Italy. Nestled in the rolling hills just north of Florence, in an area known as the nursery of Europe, popular for its artisans and hand crafted traditional foods, Villa Lucia’s olive trees are natured in the lavish… Read more »

L’amore mis Amicis

Another one of my favorite food artisans is the Slitti family, makers of chocolates as done years ago. I had no idea that the the basement of a coffee shop in our neighborhood was also the setting of a chocolate making kitchen, until hearing the announcement that they were the winners of the Medaglia d’oro… Read more »

Venire A Visitare!

The Taccini family of Vinci, well known in Tuscany, has been making ceramics for the last 500 years . They have major works of art that have left their bottega outside of Vinci, for countries around the globe. I met the 4 Taccini brothers and their father soon after arriving to Tuscany in 1985. Our… Read more »

Basket Weavers- Artisan of the Month

Basket weavers,  the  artisan of the month, came to my mind when in need of a particular basket to carry 2 liter size  bottles.   When I began to fix our abandoned 500 year old house in Tuscany years ago  I questioned  my neighbor  where was the  best place to buy baskets.   I was surprised when… Read more »