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Chapters of my book entitled “Convivio”

Introduction to Convivio  “A degree of civilization can be measured by a country’s cuisine” -Escoffier Cultural Differences at the Table The personal experience of an Italian-American suggesting that Italy not lose its food culture and why America should adopt one. The 20s and 30s: Before My Table— Food–the new cuisine began with time saving devices… Read more »

Flowers or Pheasant for Dinner?

“Don’t forget to have Francesco water while I am gone,” said Martha as she was about to leave for the States. “ The new nursery is great, all organic. I look forward to great organic minestrone on my return.” “No problem,” I assured her. After giving Francesco the order, I myself had to leave to… Read more »

Agriturismo license and our first Family

Years ago when applying for our agriturismo license which would allow us to lodge guests in the countryside, we encountered many delays due to regulations required. After a two year delay  our application was accepted and we were informed that our certificate would be in the mail and when received should be posted at our… Read more »

Massage and pay back, now we are even

Rubbing my back one evening after dinner, I was encouraged to have a massage by one of our dinner guests, the director of the Grotta Giusti Spa (5 minutes from us) who lived on the premise for  5 years,  in our barn apartment. Referring me to the best of all, he suggested Daniele, an amazing… Read more »

Passeggiata – Stroll after an Italian lunch

A family of 6 from Newport Beach, California, asked upon their arrival to our home in Tuscany, where they could go, close by. They already had their Sunday lunch and were tired of being in their car. I suggested that Montecatini Terme, the spa town down the hill from us is not only famous for its… Read more »