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Introduction to Convivio

 “A degree of civilization can be measured by a country’s cuisine”


Cultural Differences at the Table

The personal experience of an Italian-American suggesting that Italy not

lose its food culture and why America should adopt one.

The 20s and 30s: Before My Table—

Food–the new cuisine began with time saving devices

Convivio– at the family table

 The 40s: My Italian—ItalianTable—Abruzzo, Italy

Food–peasant’s diet, field to table.

Convivio–la panarda, the longest meal

The 50s: My Italian-American Table—Hartford, Connecticut

Food–immigrant’s diet—keeping with tradition fresh and seasonal

Convivio–parenting at the table, nourishing body and soul

The 60s: My American-American Table—Minneapolis, Minnesota

Food–university and the Americanization of my diet

Convivio–lost:  eating alone, wherever and whenever

The 70s: My American-Italian Table—New York, New York

Food–raising children (neophyte vs neophile)

Convivio–lasting friendships

The 80s: My American versus Foreign Table—Italy and France

Food–unexciting versus sensuous

Convivio–the French table

 The 90s: My Restaurant Table—Newport Beach, California

Food–love vs. the bottom line

Convivio–my financial disaster

The 2000’s: My B&B Table and food culture—Tuscany, Italy

Food–passion for culture, artisans and olive oil

Convivio–first experience for many guests

2014: My Back to Family Root’s Table—Abruzzo, Italy

Food–the culture of eating

Convivio–in the piazza  with new and old friends

The 2020’s:  The decline of the family table.

Food Culture– without it, there is a decline in health and casualty of pleasure

Convivio—without it, there is a decline in health and casualty of pleasure