familyYears ago when applying for our agriturismo license which would allow us to lodge guests in the countryside, we encountered many delays due to regulations required. After a two year delay  our application was accepted and we were informed that our certificate would be in the mail and when received should be posted at our location before accepting guests.

We booked a party through an agency knowing that within days our certification would be in the mail. When weeks passed without receiving it, and realizing our guests were about to arrive,  Francesco suggested that I cancel the reservation in the event the officials come before posting our certification and penalize us. I did not wish to do this so I visited our agriculture office for advice. I was reassured that the certificate would arrive shortly and yes officials could do a surprise visit, but our advisor said not to worry. In  this particular occasion, he suggested we write in the  reservation book  that the guests are family.

Not wanting to cancel, the family decided to do as he suggested. Having to do some chores, I left Francesco to greet the guests if they arrivde before I  returned, reminding him they were registered as our family. Upon my return,  Francesco informed me the family had arrived and suggested I go greet them with my welcoming smile. I did all I could to control my laughter while shaking hands with our first guests, an Asian family of five.