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Bathroom Adventures Continue – Flushing Problems

In the year 2000, our bathrooms became modernized. Tissues are of better quality – if someone doesn’t steal it – and the bathroom lights are usually not on a timer anymore. Most modern facilities now have automatic flushers (even though at times they might scare you off the seat like a high power Hoover vacuum… Read more »

Men in the Kitchen

Time to give some attention to the men in the kitchen after devoting so much time to children and lady friends. There may be other ways for them to relax but seeing immediate results from one’s labor especially while working with others can be very rewarding, relaxing, productive and fun.  

Second Half of my Italian American Table 1950 – “Tribute to all Mothers of the world”

Life was not easy for the immigrants. They left family and loved ones to settle in a strange country with a different culture, language and a society that often rejected them. Worse of all were the war years. Mom found herself in an apartment, alone, with three baby girls as Dad went off to work,… Read more »

Flowers or Pheasant for Dinner?

“Don’t forget to have Francesco water while I am gone,” said Martha as she was about to leave for the States. “ The new nursery is great, all organic. I look forward to great organic minestrone on my return.” “No problem,” I assured her. After giving Francesco the order, I myself had to leave to… Read more »

1940 My Italian—Italian Table

Beautiful memories, one of the best legacies a parent can bestow on a child, is a lifelong gift. The fondest memories of my youth are with family and friends around the dinner table. Our doors in Connecticut were always open, our table always welcoming, even to strangers needing companionship or nourishment. But one of my… Read more »

Where is the house?

When Jorge arrived to join me in Italy, I was having trouble getting our city water connected. Franco, my wonderful neighbor who was always there to solve my problems, suggested that I go to city hall and inform them that we can tentatively connect to his water line until we solve the problem. I considered… Read more »

A Cook and Surgeon in Tuscany (true experiences)

A week before Thanksgiving I prepared small Cornish game hens for each of our 20 guests. As I removed the golden crusted small birds from the hot oven, one of our guests in the kitchen called to the others announcing they should come quickly to see the “beautiful baby Italian turkeys!” She turned to me… Read more »

Making the Tradizionale Balsamico di Modena

My love for the Italian artisans led me to my monthly blog being that many of them will soon be artisans of yesterday. When visiting them I am always sad to hear that youth may learn technique, but lack the passion of yesterday’s artisans. Alessandro Taccini, like his brothers, began making ceramics at age 12…. Read more »