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OOPS!!! This week’s blog took off without picture captions!!!

OOPS!!!   This week’s blog took off without picture captions that would help  demonstrate  next week’s blog of neophilia versus neophobia .  Children raised with food culture, experiencing new foods  and  helping with food preparation are more likely to enjoy these experiences  in their adult life. Next Wednesday’s blog, neophobias versus neophilias.

Second Half of my Italian American Table 1950 – “Tribute to all Mothers of the world”

Life was not easy for the immigrants. They left family and loved ones to settle in a strange country with a different culture, language and a society that often rejected them. Worse of all were the war years. Mom found herself in an apartment, alone, with three baby girls as Dad went off to work,… Read more »

Chapters of my book entitled “Convivio”

Introduction to Convivio  “A degree of civilization can be measured by a country’s cuisine” -Escoffier Cultural Differences at the Table The personal experience of an Italian-American suggesting that Italy not lose its food culture and why America should adopt one. The 20s and 30s: Before My Table— Food–the new cuisine began with time saving devices… Read more »