When my two friends came, off-season, to have face and nose surgery, they stayed in our popular chicken coop away from the main house to recuperate.

One day as I was working, looking out of my office window in the front of the house, I observed a car that had pulled up with 4 passengers. At the moment of their arrival, unknown to me, my friends, bandages and all, were walking in back of the house, thinking there were no customers around. Not aware of the two patients in back, I was curious when seeing out of my office window the 4 walking down our driveway, make a quick u- turn back to their car. Sitting in their car for a few minutes allowed me to go out to see what was going on.

As I approached the car, a gentleman walked over to me.

“What kind of place is this? Is this a clinic? I thought it was a B&B. Everyone in back is bandaged.” Understandably, he had many questions.

I tried to explain that my husband is a plastic surgeon and I run the B&B. The two women hearing this from the open car window, leaned out and asked in harmony “Is he good?” Years ago in medical residency Jorge did take part in performing sex-change operations. So I answered giving a a little wiggle, arms stretched out with dropped hands, smiling said, “Well, what do you think? I use to be Luigi.” With that four strange looking faces, without a comment, glanced at me as the driver hit the pedal and took off. Watching it screech down the driveway, I regretted my humor not appreciated as well as losing the possibility of having 4 reservations.