As I walked away from the dinner table one evening, my daughter joined me in the kitchen and pointed out that my beautiful designer suit with white pants showed my panty line.

“Mom, with those pants you have to use thongs,” she said.

I explained that I had tried them before, to no avail, and couldn’t understand how young girls could wear them. She explained that I might not have had the right size. If I did, she insisted I would love the feeling of being panty-less. Sure enough, a few weeks later I received a gift from my lovely daughter, apparently the right size.

Although they rested for weeks in my lingerie drawer, one day as I selected my silky white pant suit to wear to a special event, I decided to wear Michelle’s gift. During the formal dinner that night, I excused myself to use the rest room. Upon my return to the table, I informed my husband of a funny sensation. I felt as if I had broken my water as in pregnancy or menstruating which I retired from years ago. A quick return to the rest room made me realize my daughter was right. Thongs are so comfortable that you feel as if you are panty-less and I forgot to roll them down when I relieved myself.

This was worse than having a panty line. No more thongs for me.