Taking into consideration the pfish-soupossibility of interesting table conversation at a formal dinner of 25 guests from around the world, I  placed a distinguish American industrialist  near our guest of honor from England. I noticed  our English lady frowning constantly as if in discomfort  glancing with the corner of her eye at the gentleman to her right as she attempted to distance herself as much as possible from his seat.  I detected some displeasure but could not determine the cause.   Her frown and constant pull to the left in her seat caught my attention but I was not in a position to change her seating. This continued throughout our first course but as I was about to serve the second course,  she stood up and with proper British accent, demanded “ stop it, that  is my dress”. Mortified upon seeing  his finger  prints of cioppino tomato red fish sauce on her white silk designer dress and not on his napkin,  he apologized profoundly. It did bring some laughs to the table but also a laundry bill that our American businessman from New York,  insisted on paying. Happy to say a new friendship developed from this mishap at our table.