A year ago I dedicated my first blog to my mother at age 100, and today we are celebrating her 101stbirthday. Unfortunately my mother- in -law that I considered my second mother passed away last month at the age of 106. God Bless These Ladies. This year I wish to dedicate my blog to all my sister friends that have been with me through the years, without minimizing in any way the wonderful men in my life that helped me be who I am today, especially my husband, sons, and family members. But there is something special about girlfriends. Could it be that “feel good hormone called oxytocin?” Shelley Taylor In her book The Tending Instinct, seems to think that the need for a sisterhood of friends may be biological. I do not know what it is but strong social ties with my female friends make me feel good.

There is always a party planned for me when I return to the States. When I expressed my wish for no party,  Janet suggested at least a little breakfast group of close friends. This is what happened:


I have no idea who HE is. Honest Jorge, I never met him before! He walked into my house, picked me up and hugged me tightly! There were two lovely giggling ladies walking behind him, Julie Argyros & Michelle!


Called the Tuscany sisters are my 5 Scandinavian sisters  and me who some 30  years ago got together and began this sisterhood of monthly meetings, membership closed, where we talk the night away discussing life happenings,  family, children, social life and problems  never to be discussed out of our  meeting. The meetings often end with Anita our psychologist giving a closing solution. Happy to say after all these years she asked me a few months ago for advice. I shall never tell.

We have been together In Sweden, Norway, ( suppose  to be visiting Karen in Denmark this year). We have all  been together in Tuscany a few times. I met Eva at the one and only medical wives gourmet group I attended in 1970. Both busy woman  we had no time for tennis that is, unless we could hit some balls at 6 in the morning which we did for a few years.  Then she introduced me to Mona, Anita, Berit and Karen and one night out for drinks was so much fun we decided we needed to do it every month.

Berit never fails to organize a ride in the harbor for me and my friends every trip back.  Then there is the ladies luncheon to follow. Great food, conversation, beautiful setting, what more can one ask for?


It is impossible to not bond with these ladies that have experienced the vicissitudes of life with me since coming to California in 1968. We have dined  together, played  together, laughed together and cried together but always there for each other. Even when differences  cause disagreements it seems with true friends social bonding is only enhanced.