The Taccini family of Vinci, well known in Tuscany, has been making ceramics for the last 500 years . They have major works of art that have left their bottega outside of Vinci, for countries around the globe. I met the 4 Taccini brothers and their father soon after arriving to Tuscany in 1985. Our friendship through the years has brought them a number of times to our home in California including a trip to assemble a large ceramic wall panel of medieval musicians, called, il concerto. This colorful masterpiece, 120 inches in length and 40 inches in height is made of five, 24 x 40 inch panels. Alessandro, the brother who makes most of the objects out of clay, brought the individual panels with him from Italy. He assembled the pieces into one major panel that was placed on the wall of one of our restaurants, their only major work of these dimensions in the USA.