Just spent  two wonderful weeks  traveling alone with my 13 year old granddaughter Laila. From Rome to Abruzzo to our Tuscany farm followed by a  fabulous week with friends at their Tuscan seashore home before going  off to romantic Venice. Their daughter Michelle joined us and then led us to a new and exciting  experience  in Croatia.

We three ladies had so much fun that it reminded me of great  friends I refer to as my family of sisters that have given me such wonderful memories together on both sides of the Atlantic. I feel  very fortunate living where I want to live and be visited by all my wonderful friends from across the ocean. Is it Italy? Is it away from the pressures of home? Is it  having fun with only ladies? Whatever it is we seem  to laugh alot, have loads of fun doing nothing special other than enjoying the simple pleasures of life in Italy.

Next month we cross the Atlantic to the Pacific to see life with my sister-friends in California!